Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yahoo Answers!

In case you were wondering...

Glenn C on Yahoo Answers asked:
"Are you allowed to wear braces to an American Idol audition?"
To save you the time in finding this answer (because I'm sure you, like me, have spent hours awake at night pondering this very question), I have included a few of the responses below:

whlembo: "No absolutely not allowed to wear braces to an american idol autidition - don't even think about it, they will through you right out."

callahan: "No, they make you take them off at the door, then put them back on when you leave...Of course you can have braces!
The reflection of the lights off your teeth will blind Simon Cowell...ha ha."

r.i.p michelle rodriguez: "ugh im jealous.......... i am 15, and i am going next year hopefully... I dont see why you wouldnt be able to, that would be kind of stereotypical, (i hope thats the right word, lol) they cant say, no you cant get through because of your braces, the braces are not singing you are. I WISH GOOD LUCK!!!!! HOPEFULLY I WILL SEE YOU ON TV!!"

That's right, just me and some of my wired pals -- guess i might have a shot next year. Phew!

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