Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cold. Wet. And Pale.

I am currently wearing seven layers of clothing, including my new crochet slippers and am totally freezing. Why, oh why, this weather?!
Rain in L.A. is turning the Wired Lady into a character out of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" -- only with ugly teeth and a hell of a lot less money. Can you tell I've been watching the Sunday marathon on BRAVO all day long?!

To top it all off - I have come to the conclusion that my pale, gross-colored skin is totally making the braces beauty factor look much worse.

I gotta stop watching this show.


bridget said...

The "real housewives" are the ones that are all bright orange from the tanning beds, right?

Chris K said...

Mmmmmhmmm... Cheeto Tan

Anonymous said...

Why is something pleasant? Why do we love the smell of it, the taste of it, the look of it? Why isn't cold wet and pale a pleasant experience? It was such a beautiful day, I'm sorry you missed it.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the rainbow just as the sun was rising?

Guerrs said...

I didn't know you had Robert Frost as a blog fan!

Michelle said...

Wow, Robert Frost, that takes me way back to high school. Anonymous did get me intriqued with such elegant words! The nail scissors scared me, thought you had really done it,,,you didnt, right>>???