Sunday, January 13, 2008

Looking Forward to a Case of the Mondays

I gotta say, after Friday night's dream, I'm highly concerned about tomorrow's phone call from Lorna. I am really hoping there is some sort of news and/or action plan. I hate waiting. I feel like my entire life is in a holding pattern and it's embarrassing to admit why...thank you, braces.

This weekend, Steve is in Vegas having the time of his life and I am home reading "The Time Travelers Wife." As I creep through this book, I'm wondering if maybe this whole adult braces episode of my life is merely some sort of warped time travel? would definitely explain a lot.

On a seriously annoying side note...what the hell was that "Golden Globe Winners Presentation????" NBC -- what the hell?! Why Billy Bush and Nancy O'Dell???? And who on Earth told them it would be ok to add their two cents after ever winner was announced?


Tara said...

Good luck today with the insurance company. I was fighting with mine the Friday before my Monday surgery. Oh what fun that was!!!

"Time Travelers Wife" was a good book! Weird, but good.

I'll be checking back to see how you made out with the insurance company.
~ Tara

allison said...

ooooooh The Time Traveler's Wife is one of my favorite books ever!