Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Hour Without The Cocktails

This morning I attended adult happy hour at the orthodontists office. Looking around I realized, only us old folks were checking in at 9 AM. The whole thing felt it was totally fine to be getting my braces checked and pay my own insurance.

Oddly enough, I even had a 'celebrity' sitting next to me...

That's right...good ol' Regina King. Always thought she had lovely teeth (actually, never really thought about it before) but, guess she's doing a little upgrading. For the record, she's just rocking the Invisalign - so don't think she so hard core. She may be rich and beautiful but she is sooo not a Wired Lady.

The good news is I'm "on track" -- or, at least that's what they tease me by saying. In 8 weeks, when I go back (seriously, 8 freakin' weeks?!...that is sooo far away!), I will pay even more money (hooray! goodbye eye brow waxing in the winter!) and get new molds taken. After THIS, the doctor will determine whether or not the oral surgeon is ready to see me. Phew! It's exhausting just explaining it.

And by the way, why is Animal Planet the only thing ever playing in that office? Today I watched a liter of Alaskan Huskies be born. Do you think I want to stare at fetus' while my mouth is being poked and prodded? Um...not so much.

Are some "Sex in the City" repeats on TBS too much to ask?


Aimee said...

That's funny ~ I've seen Holly Robinson Peete a couple of times at my orthodontist. It makes me wonder what she's doing there since her teeth look perfect. I also read that Katherine Heigl is using invisalign to fix her "wonky" tooth. I always wondered why she didn't get that tooth fixed; it always bugs me when I watch her on Grey's Anatomy. :)

laura said...

8 weeks blah. They say these self-litigating brackets are great because they require fewer adjustments and are gentler etc etc, but to be honest, I'd rather be going in every 3 weeks. I don't trust that the darn teeth are really moving after the first week or so.

nabukay said...

lol. thats true i also don't understand why katherine heigl does not fix that tooth. either way she is gorgeouss! does anyone else find themselves examining the bite of every person they talk to since getting braces?

stephanie said...

HAH! My last visit to the orthodonitst, they had Animal Planet going, and I was watching something being born, as well, and was thinking the same thing. Too funny.

(and yes, in respone to the above comment, I constantly stare at strangers teeth, now, which I'm afraid scares people).

laura said...

The main woman on Torchwood has a huge gap between her front teeth. I keep thinking how easy it would be to fix that right up. But I guess it gives her character.

I wonder if it bugs orthodontists to see people with bad teeth. Like if they start dating someone and then can't stop thinking how much they want to fix their malocclusion.