Monday, January 21, 2008

Moldy Fun


Today I was back at the ortho's for mold-taking time. What I learned -- taking molds is much trickier when you already have braces on. In all honesty, I thought my braces and teeth were going to rip right out. The plus side, I chose raspberry as my mold/impression flavor of choice and could not have been happier. An excellent decision, I must say. As you might remember, I began this oh-so-fun journey with pina coloda impressions. I thought today called for a raspberry martini instead -- guess you can say I have certainly grown up in a year.


Tara said...

YUCK, molds with braces. That is NEVER fun. I don't think I can even count how many times they did that to me. The worst one was she left the bottom one in too long once and I had a tooth missing and the sucktion just wouldn't let it free. I thought a tooth was going to come out with it. But this means that you are getting closer!!! YEAH!!!! Good luck and keep us updated.
~ Tara

allison said...

What a great picture!

Only WiredLady can look cute with raspberry gunk in her mouth.

(That didn't sound creepy, did it? I'm totally not creepy, I promise.)

allison said...
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Michelle said...

Whoa..that is way too funny! You of all people would be the one to get a picture taking molds. That would be the last thing I would have been thinking awesome. Way to go Wired Lady, you keep amazing me.