Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's On!

Today was the first day I got through to Lorna, Dr. Relle's insurance guru, since the beginning of this new debacle. In the past, I have described Lorna as too sweet-sounding and quite frankly, 'adorable' over the phone -- welp, all of this changed today. Today I saw a new side of Lorna. Kick Some Ass Lorna showed up to work today -- after hearing from...MY insurance company!

Yup, that's right (breathing heavily)...thanks to my company dropping a third party group who apparently determines pre-authorization procedures, Empire is now telling me my pre-authorization letter (dated back in March of '07, by the way) is invalid.

So. Not. Cool.

All I can say at this point's on. Lorna is not happy and you KNOW Wired Lady is sooooooo not happy. This is like the insurance soap opera from hell. Sit back and enjoy the shitty programming.


Aimee said...

Is that the only insurance they offer at your job? Is it possible to change to another one?

stephanie said...

I hope everything works out for you... Good luck!