Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Moldy Lady

Today I trucked to freakin' Northridge to visit my somehow-designated-favorite-oral-surgeon-in-the-state-of California-even-though-he's-not-covered-by-my-insurance, Dr. Relle. I have to say, it was nice seeing him. Well, it had been over a year, so, it was due time. He is a very pleasant looking man and I gotta say, his voice is very soothing. And as creepy as it sounds, I was sort of captivated by his gentle hands, as his mixed more and more dental algae/mold material. I figured this was a good sign -- being that he is a suregeon.

So, more molds were taken. He said these were the hard-core kind (although not in those words), so he can play with my 'fake' teeth and see if they are ready for surgery.

I have become a moldy pro.

All in news...just a long haul in traffic and lots of rain. Hopefully real news tomorrow.


Katherine said...

Soothing...Gentle....I'd have to 2nd that motion that these are good things to have in one's surgeon!

You've got to be getting close to the big 'countdown' now :)

Aimee said...

That is so nice to hear since I'll be going to him also. He seems so down-to-earth too. Good luck!!

Chris K said...

You, a little...little somethin, in're fine ;)