Monday, January 7, 2008

Braces Protect Against Gym Dudes

Tonight was one of the rare nights where I actually made it to the gym after work. (currently totally drinking wine after the gym - is that wrong?) I normally only go to aerobics (or as Rose likes to call, my 'dance class') nights. So, I'm trying to use my time appropriately and choose the Stair Master (mainly because it was closest to the televisions).

Being that I'm never at the gym to actually use the machines (I love my circa-90s aerobics class), I was taken aback by the number of creepy guys.

So, this short man comes and starts working out next to me. Within only minutes, he starts saying how "Wheel of Fortune" would be a good game show to go on. Um....ok?! Is that line?

Let's just say, one flash of the wires and he was gone! Apparently it was time for his cool-down.


nabukay said...

no way i beg to differ! my love life is booming and it has to be the tracks. sriously. wired lady needs to stop telling herself the braces are putting people off. oh and the other thing is that even if they are then those people are shallow. besdies you said he was short, maybe he has to deal with short mans syndrome to deal with so he can't take the tracks. in which case we are all very relieved that he relived you and went to 'take a break'...

Anonymous said...

Why would one as popular and attractive as yours truly make such self-defacing comments? Because she enjoys humiliation, it’s another way she gains attention. During her formative years she was emotionally aroused during one or more humiliating episodes. She witnessed the attention and powerful hormonal rush these events created. Yours truly dreads being humiliated as much as we all do however she particularly fears being unattractive. There are two central traits to women attractiveness and motherhood. Women base accomplishment on both of these characteristics for strictly hormonal reasons. Wired lady you are not unattractive, quit pretending you are. Furthermore, your silly notion that orthodontic treatment makes you unattractive is common fodder for children who tease but not substantive content for mature adults. Why not chronicle your progress as an attractive adult woman being accepted, appreciated and loved?

Anonymous said...

It was probably the glare you were giving him - not the braces.