Tuesday, January 15, 2008

With a Heart of Gold, really

I waited till 3 PM to bother/call Lorna in Dr. Relle's office again today. This is sort of how our conversation always plays out....

WL: Lorna, hi. Any news?
Lorna: Oh. Um....hold on a minute. Let me check.
WL: Ok.
Lorna: Oh. Goodness! I just rolled my chair too far. [insert giggles]
WL: [insert fake (god I hope you can help me) optimistic giggles]
Lorna: Oh, yes. I did call. You know...you have very good insurance.
WL: Ok. Fine. But does the letter still stand?
Lorna: Oh. Well, it is only good till March 23rd. Then we will have to extend it.
WL: Well, let's do that -- nothing's going to happen before then.
Lorna: Oh. Well, you should call your provider and ask about that.
WL: But didn't you just call and ask them about it?
Lorna: Well. Um...let me check your file....


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Michelle said...

Good luck, I hope you hear some good news soon!!