Monday, January 21, 2008

First Call of the Week - Dental

Definitely my first call AND voice mail of the week was from Dr. Relle's office.

A lot happened on Friday that I have neglected to mention as of yet -- only because I am trying not to A) Freak out and B) Get too excited.

So, the ortho's office called on Friday and said the oral surgeon's office called them (are you following?) Anyhow, Relle wanted to see if I can get this surgery in before my pre-authorization letter expires on March 23 (this was the piece of info which was so hard to pull from my many Lorno convos).

Soooooo A) I am glad Lorna finally explained to the doctor the 'situation' B) I am glad the ortho's office is letting me move this process along faster but C) I am worried about rushing, not only for health reasons but also, I don't want to piss my work off with such short notice of absence.

So, this is the story at this time. Instead of going to get my molds done in March (as originally expected) I am now going....TODAY. Holy crap! Now I am freaking out...this insanity could happen before Easter. Yikes.

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