Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Perfect Wired Ryan

It's time to admit a reoccurring dream I tend to have.

That's right, it's Ryan Secrest. Don't get me wrong here, I don't dream that Ryan and I are dating or hooking up or anything like that. Instead, because of my dreams (OH LORD I sound like such a freak show), I have come to believe...that Ryan and I are meant to be friends. Ha. No, really...I dream about getting drinks with Ryan Seacrest. How messed up is THAT!? It's like we're meant to be BFFs and drink endless amounts of margaritas together.

BUT -- last night, I am proud to announce, was the mother of all Ryan Seacret dreams!!! Ooh yes, I dreamt that Ryan was not only my FRIEND but...he had BRACES!!!!!


In the dream I was completely obsessed with getting pictures of him and I together...for the hilarity of this blog!
What is happening to my liiiiiiife?
And I gotta say, I didn't even watch American Idol last night.


nabukay said...

lol! i love it.

-Tony- said...

You didn't really do it right....i'd have added a few blemishes to his face too. hehehe