Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"The Secret" in Action

Tonight is all about thinking positive thoughts! Why, you might ask? Oh, yes....the ortho is tomorrow. That's right, it's a good ol' check-up. It's time to bond with my fellow pre-teen pals.

Looking forward the gross bands being replaced, two days of completely sore teeth and, oh yes, the magical words..."you can see the oral surgeon now." To the majority of Americans, this would definitely not be good news but to the Wired means...this shit is rolling along! Hellz yeah! (Are you feeling "The Secret" in action?)

Also, tomorrow (hopefully) I will also find out about the status of yesterday's post.

Isn't this fun? Ten bucks says tomorrow I will be an emotional wreck. You know what? -- screw "The Secret!"

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nabukay said...

sending you lots of positive energy...