Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Car Air Freshener For Dental Enthusiasts

You may be familiar with cherry, vanilla and the ever-popular pine air freshener but perhaps you haven't experienced the LISTERINE car air freshener?

Literally, I jump in my car after work today and think to myself, "Wow. My car smells really nice. I rule."

Well, two hours later, when I'm unpacking my car I find THIS...
Yes, a practically-empty bottle of Listerine with the cap off, spilled and lying across my back seat (The pajamas were introduced when taking this pic later. As you can see at this point, I'm not dressin' up for you guys -- considering in a few weeks you'll see me at my 'best' - and by 'best' I mean...passed out, drooling, face wired-shut, etc.).

Besides my back seat drenched and stained....I am MOST upset about high-quality Listerine gone wasted!!!!
I just bought that bottle on Sunday.


My life rocks. Totally random but in my 'air freshener' research, I found my (way in the) future child's first Halloween costume.

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nabukay said...

lol. honestly. i use tea tree oil mouth wash so it would not smell that nice...