Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Can Die Now...It's Ok

I had the most amazing meal and date of my life last night -- not to be too overly dramatic or anything. But, the fact of the matter is, I can die happy now. Before...while the Sushi Rokus and Cuts and Asia de Cuba meals have been fantastic...nothing compares to dining event I experienced last night at Chef Tom Colicchio's (go Top Chef) CRAFT.

(Can you tell I maybe don't get out much?)

Holy crap! So freakin' good! The service was amazing. Um...did I mention Jake and Reese were canoodling at the table to our left?! Hello! AND...nevermind the mouth-watering car was at valet before we walked out the door!!!! Oh. LORD!
The Craft Martini - love. Love even more...this pic for not showing the wires.

I gotta say, Steve was totally in his 'element.' Ha.

Did you know octopus isn't ideal for us wired ladies? Me neither.

Now that the surgery date has been set the obvious question is -- what will the final meal be? I gotta say, if surgery was tomorrow -- I would be a happy lady. You may see me return to CRAFT before March 22nd. Although...Mexican is a strong contender. Margaritas and nachos are tough to beat.


Have Some Wine And Tell Me Everything said...

What's "canoodling" mean?

nabukay said...

canoodling - cuddling, kissing, touching each other etc. so i think i am missing something WL. Who is Steve?

Wondering said...

CRAFT sounds really great. I'm not far in Orange County so I've been wanting my husband to take me to the Big City :) and try it on my birthday in a few weeks (that's how I found your blog).

I looked at their website to see if there's a dress code but it doesn't say. Your guy was wearing a tie, are they required? And your red sleeveless dress looked gorgeous (from what I could see) so does that mean it was a comfortable temperature in there? I usually get cold in restaurants, so it makes it really tough to dress sexy!

Any information you can share on Craft would be appreciated. Thank you.

Btw I love your blog. Too bad it (and the others you listed) wasn't around when I went thru the braces thing a second time five years ago.

same old crap said...

Wirelady, wondering really just wants to know what Jake and Reese were wearing on Friday night because there are pictures of them running to their that night and they looked casual.

If Wondering actually looked at the pics Jake is wering a long white shirt under that plaid jacket (yes jacket, not shirt)black slacks and shoes.

It like Reese was wearing black slacks and a top.

Wondering has no interest in Craft or your braces, most likely doesn't even live in CA.

i call gyllenbabble said...

Wondering has no interest in Craft or your braces, most likely doesn't even live in CA.

I bet the same could be said of you.

Wondering said...

OMG I don't believe that. ^^^^^

I ask a legitimate question about Craft and the dress code (which isn't in their website and "soc" is welcome to check) and I get that kind of a response from some anonymous poster? Unbelieveable.

Wired Lady, feel free to ask me anything about Orange County (I'm a native) or braces, (bands as the orthos call them). I can prove that I live here and that I know all about braces. Even better, let me know if you would like me to email my home phone number to you. I'd be happy to do it and more than happy to discuss what idiots reside on the web. Thank you.

I smell omg said...

You are so transparent "Wicked",and immature to boot. What's the matter, Reese out with Jake again??

google said...

Dress code at Craft is smart/casual.

Anonymous said...

as opposed to what, dumb/dressy?

google said...

Yes, smart/casual, why so biter?