Monday, February 11, 2008

Just So You Know...

...I am having surgery. So, may not see me for a while.

This was the super awkward conversation I had with my hairdresser on Sunday. Before leaving, while handing over the tip, I just had to drop the line. And boy was it random. I had to tell her. Come April, I don't want her to think I've ditched her. As many of you ladies know, hair is expensive. And I normally have to systematically plan each visit. With all this happening, I just don't think I want to shell out the big bucks right before my face is rearranged. No matter what my roots look like, there is no way of escaping the hell I will sure to feel like. No super, deep conditioner is gonna spark The Secret-like thoughts I should try to have.

The completely self-absorbed question I keep asking myself is, do I want an ok-looking before pic or an awesome after pic? Ha. But also, is it realistic to think I'm not going to get my hair done for another 3 months?

Maybe I should worry about more important things like, oh...I don't know...actually getting a surgery date first?

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