Friday, February 29, 2008

I am a Wired Pimp

The dental gods are smiling down on me....

I arrived home today, after a long week at work, opened the mail (expecting fun insurance bills) and what do I find?? A $30 movie theater gift card and a hand-written thank you note from my very own orthodontist!

Why the special gift? Oh yes, totally referred Steph, my cubemate.

Just call me the Wired P-I-M-P! Holla!!!!

I feel like I should start a business -- Let me know if you're in need of braces or jaw surgery or really, even a cleaning...I'll refer you...and we'll split the profits!!!

I feel like an advertisement for an ING high-yield saving account.

That's's ok to be the same time...feel incredibly sorry for the state of my existence.

1 comment:

Nerd With Words said...

Hell yeah! When's movie night??