Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wired Lady, I Was At The Doctor...and Naturally Thought Of You


What am I doing you might ask? Welp, now that many people at work know I'm having surgery (such a dirty word...worse than 'moist', I think)...I've been getting a lot of 'advice.'

Today Alex told me he visited a chiropractor and naturally, thought of me.
( I 80-years-old or something? )

Anyway, medial judgement aside, I gotta say...his advice was welcomed. Alex is also a night grinder -- and I'm not talking about whatever that Latino kid was doing at Le Deux on Saturday night.

Alex shared a trick his doc taught him for neck tension. I tried the whole palms up, neck back, shoulder roll thing a few times today...I'm still...waiting for the results. But hell, I'll try anything! Anyone remember the cork experiment?

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V said...

Oh my god, I have never found anyone else repulsed by the word 'moist' as I am.. even makes me feel sick typing it! :)

Have added you to my fave blogger list, I hope you don't mind! Hope you're doing well! xxx