Monday, February 18, 2008

A Presidential-Sized Day of...Cleaning

The ultimate duo for braces-happy cleaning...
I know it's totally gross but...anyone else see a trend in how quickly your bathroom mirror looks absolutely disgusting?? I like to think of it as 'projectile flossing.' But seriously, if you can floss with braces and maintain a beautifully clean mirror - you win. I lose. Better go clip a new Windex coupon - looks like I'm almost out.

Also -- to the GyllenBabble Crew...if I recall correctly, Reese and Jake were both wearing black. Also, black coats. Reese's hair was down. According to the waiter, when they got to the restaurant they were acting 'cold' -- perhaps in some sort of a fight. By the time I arrived, I assumed they had been there a while, because his arm was around her neck...practically the whole time. They spoke to each other 2 inches from their faces -- hence the 'canoodling.' As cheesy as it sounds, they appeared to be very much 'in love.' But honestly, no normal people sit at dinner in that position. Welp...that's my TMZ reportin' for ya.

Now back to the business of braces.

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