Monday, February 25, 2008

Tooth Tunes to Change My Life

Is it me or is it extra hard to come back to work on a Monday following a four-day work week?
It may totally be me but I swear...Wired Lady had trouble in the motivation department today -- trouble being motivated UNTIL....I found THIS..........

If only I had known all along....what I've needed in my life is some MUSIC for my MOUTH!!!!!
Top 5 Songs Wired Lady Would Want to Rock Out While Brushing...
  1. Kanye - Good Life featuring T-Pain
  2. Chris Brown - Kiss Kiss featuring T-Pain (my BOY!)
  3. Kanye - Touch the Sky
  4. Cupid - Cupid Shuffle
  5. Sara Bareilles - Love Song (a little more mello but good for the rinsing process)
While I am a sucker for some John Mayer - if you put Johnny Boy on my toothbrush, my braces may drive me to inhale high levels of anti-depression medication. I would prefer to force fake levels of extreme happiness while killing plaque and gingivitis.

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