Tuesday, February 19, 2008

WL Rapper -- Where My Mind's At...

So, with a surgery date locked down and proper paperwork being filled out...at this moment, I should probably be thinking about things like oh, I dunno...buying proper 'materials' for post surgery recoup, saving some serious dollar bills, preparing to train a temp to fill my position at work?...you know...important/actually legitimate stuff.

Instead, below are a few thoughts that have actually hit my mind in the past 24 hours:

1) I'm going to have to do a major cleaning/over-haul of my bathroom before my mom shows up (that ring around the tub is not lookin' so hot)
2) I should send an Evite for my 'Last Supper' to friends to join me for a my Mexican fiesta (yum nachos!)
3) I've gotta get to Lou on Vine for their Tuesday Tasting of Beaujolais before surgery (I wonder what tasting I'll probably miss while I'm out?)

As my mom said to me on the phone..."I don't think we really know the adventure we're in store for."

You can say that again!

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