Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wires Meet Juice Box

I am one post away from reporting being struck by lighting.

Seriously, could I please have one more sign that maybe I shouldn't be doing this???

Today took the cake. I hauled it to the hospital this morning to donate blood. Sounds simple, right? Well, of COURSE not.

Ummm...Denise, the blood lady, who has worked this job for 15 years, said the mistake she made with ME had never happened before! Well, faaaaan-tastic! That's right, after finding my 'good vein' - she stuck the needle in and then...accidentally pulled it out! Can you say blood everywhere?!?!?! I sure did!

Next, it's on to my other arm to try to use my 'not as good vein.' Well guess what? Denise couldn't find the vein and I learned it's not a lot of fun having a needle digging inside your arm.

After almost giving up, I told Denise to get back to the first arm! I gotta get blood taken asap and get back to work! I am not leaving this place without a bag of blood left behind.

Just my luck - one little prick back in the first arm and we're back where we started -- a crime scene.

Can you see my battle wounds? I know it's hard to spot the difference between the bandages and my 'missing summertime' skin.

So....not only did I not give a drop of blood this morning but I have to go back on Friday (risk losing my job for all these appointments) AND on top of everything...didn't even meet David.

The upside...a juice box for my ride home.

How often does a 20-something come across a juice box? Well, go visit apologetic Denise and she'll offer you every juice box and cookie pack on the face of the planet.


Candace said...

I am jealous of your juice box.

I remember when the juice box was surpassed in coolness by Capri Sun.

And now, kids have frickin' Chick-Fil-A's in their cafeterias. What is that? I think I'm a better person for having been subjected to enigmatic food concoctions with the word "surprise" in their name.

ps: your blog is the bee's knees. :)

bridget said...

Ouch ouch.
I had an interesting blood-letting experience pre-surgery as well, if it makes you feel any better. I've given blood many times and never had a bruise like the one I got that day. I still had it when I went into surgery and the guy doing my IV was all, "What did they DO to you?"