Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Real Supermodel

Luckily I was not struck by lightning today but tomorrow is the day I go back to give blood and as you well know, that's a complete crap shoot. Will I donate blood? Will I not? Will I get an apple juice box or a cranberry juice box? I was told to drink lots of water beforehand to "help me out" (as if it was my fault last time) and that the new guy taking my blood is "really good." Whatever this means...I have no idea. Super thrilling...I know.

Speaking of thrilling...a taste of last week's visit with the os...

Yes, I am rocking one earring -- unbeknownst to me.
I am the coolest.


Kirsty said...

Apple or Cranberry- what will it be, what will it be?!
Good luck with the ol veins :-)

Rebecca said...

Why do you keep going back for more?!

holski said...

hahahaha lip stretchers... I love it.