Friday, March 28, 2008

Wired Green Light Special - Aisle 3!

When Mom is willing to pay the grocery bill, Wired Lady risks scaring small children.

Yesterday was indeed a wild & crazy day in the life of Wired Lady!

After not only washing my hair, I took a trip to the oral surgeon's office AND passed with flying colors! First, I would just like to say, I love rollin' in VIP style at Dr. Relle's office. That's right, not ONLY do they all know my name...but totally took me 15 minutes EARLY! (Damn, they better know my name by now after all this). You too can be VIP...I will let you know how, as soon as the final insurance bill comes in. And yes, I am scared as all hell. (Did I mention my ortho, Dr. Yamada sent me flowers? How incredibly sweet is that?)

So, what happened at Relle's...
  • Took off the rubber bands
  • Showed me what I thought was an x-ray of someone else's perfect jaw - found out it was mine
  • Tried to speak the words, "Ok. Let's go!" Everyone stared in confusion.
  • Relle checked my heartbeat and, of course, as normal as could be (damn you Saturday Murmur)
  • Relle and Feder gleefully stared at my super-puffed face...basking in the glory of their work (They really are so cute. My Mom is in love)
  • Learned where my new, two bands go - to keep jaw healing in place
  • Made my appointment for two weeks from now - hooray!
So, to celebrate (you know my Mom was THRILLED with this news) my new ability to eat soft foods (no chewing or biting allowed) -- totally stopped at McDonalds on my way home. And guess what?!?! This particular McDonalds, near the doctor's office, still had...SHAMROCK SHAKES!!! Talk about a good omen, riiiight? Oh. Lord. You should have seen my face in this shake. I looked like a 3-year-old ran smack dab into an ice cream truck. Steve, sorry about your car.

The last big adventure of the day - Ralph's. With news of my new diet opportunities, Mom (who leaves tomorrow) pretty much said, if you come to the grocery store, I will pay. Sold!

With (probably) too much activity yesterday, I am happy to announce,...I slept last night! It's weird waking up at 6 AM and feeling pride- like I just-finished-my-SAT-test-sense-of-accomplishment and it was all just because of... sleeping.


Aimee said...

It sounds like you are doing awesome!!
Now stop hiding behind stuff and show us your face!!! :)

So you're pleased with Dr. Relle...good to hear. I can't wait to see him again.

Katherine said... are we goning to appreciate you in all your glory if we've got nothing to compare it to??

Mmmm..MILKSHAKE!! And Flowers?! Stellar day!! So good to see you up & about, you're sure sounding much more lively :)

stephanie said...

Yay for sleeping! Glad you are getting up and about, and I hope things continue to progress quickly!

holski said...

Good for you! You sound great. Pics please! Gosh, I'm not even sure exactly what you had done... what did you have done? Was it just upper? just lower? both?

Wired Lady said...

upper and lower! woo hoo! ha.

laura said...

Woo!! Sounds like you're healing up super fast.

Ditto on the pics pls. The supermarket got to see you ... we wanna see you too!