Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Wired Drug Dealer

As I say my goodbyes to more and more people ("Hey, just so you know....you probably won't be seeing me for a few weeks..."), I'm finding a repeated trend - a slightly-questionable interest in what drugs I'll be taking. Who would have thought so many people hold such a strong opinion on Vicodin versus Percocet? Ambien versus Zoloft?

I, on the other hand, haven't thought twice about the type or quality of drug the doc plans to pump -- as long as it works...really really WELL (this indifference will do a 180 come Sunday). What I do know is, the doctor called in the prescription and I have to stop by Rite Aid on Friday (the day before) to pick up my little, secret package. This little, secret package, of course, including a super special, secret price.

As many of you are already sensing, I have no clue what to expect come post-surgery. It's been such a process just getting to this point - I never thought it would happen. And really, I think I just don't want to know every gross detail. At dinner on Sunday, my friends kept asking me all these questions and all I could say was, "I don't really know...it's all sort of...ambiguous..."

At this point, for all I know, I could come back as a midget with a beard -- a midget with a beard AND a fantastic bite.


Kristy Clucas said...

do you know what all they are doing for the surgery?

laura said...

The drugs will have to be in liquid form too. I bet they'll work better that way - quick absorption. On the other hand, you can't stash the leftovers away for a special occasion =(

Chardsy said...

This sugery intrigues me yet scares the hell out of me. Are you goign to be (pardon the pun) wired shut?

Wired Lady said...

Um....I do not prefer to use the terms 'wired' and 'shut.' Ha. Really, there are no actual wires but I'd rather think of what's used is a a very helpful mouth piece. Other than that, I know they are moving both jaws...however, I'd have to dig in the paperwork to get the actual medical terms.

katieck said...

as far as medicine goes, if you are staying in the hospital, the drugs will be good. i had morphine or something of that sort for the entire first night. after that, if your in the hospital longer, they give you Tylenol with some other stuff in it. Then at home, vicodin. Tastes bad but worth it. I advise not looking in the mirror for a day or two, just prepare yourself before hand.