Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Next Stage of My Life...Please

I have the best of friends and for their own sakes, I gotta get this surgery done and over with. My 'urban family' cannot wait to go to a dinner with me, in which I talk about something other than my face. Literally, Emily called to check in tonight and after talking her ear off about the procedure, and the braces and blah blah blah, she asked, "So, what ELSE is going on?"

Absolutely nothing. This is my life at this moment in time and I pray I am laughing about this whole ordeal a year or two from now. Because sure as all hell, it's time to think about something else!


holski said...

This is the story of my life. =) There have been times in the last year, that I have been very suddenly, annoyed by the sound of my own voice. My own voice, babbling on about jaw surgery this, jaw surgery that. It doesn't help help that my boyfriend loves to talk about it too! We are team annoying!!!! hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

ugh i feel ya. i'm getting my braces on tomorrow and i haven't talked about anything else for days on end. my family, friends and coworkers are sick of it already. GOOD LUCK! :)