Friday, March 21, 2008

Just a Completely Normal, Nothing Different, Totally Ordinary, Just Like Every Other...Friday

I'm about to leave for the airport to pick up my mom. I gotta say, I'm pretty excited to spend this final day of, you know,, etc....with her. I plan to go about the whole day as if noooothing's happenin' tomorrow. Just a good ol' day of vacation.

Breaking my jaw tomorrow? What?! Don't have a clue of what you're referring to?

The plan for today --
  1. Go Grocery Shopping. I realized, I am stocked up on all kind of protein shakes but my poor mom has nothing to eat herself. She's going to be trapped in my apartment with me all week and right now, all she has to eat is an old can of tuna and a bottle of vodka
  2. Final Meal at Pizzeria Mozza (I've been wanting to go for a while -- great excuse when mom's paying -- :)
  3. Orthodontist Visit - hell0000o feeling like a 13-year-old again. Today I'm totally bring mom to the ortho's office for my 'final tweak' - hilarious
  4. Bed Bath & Beyond trip for an over-sized dorm-like pillow and a trip down the juicer aisle (did I mention mom suggested she sleep on the floor of my apartment? wtf? ) An air matress might also be purchased
  5. Drug Stop a la Rite Aide! (only Rite Aide because I utilized their free $20 gift card for a transfer of prescription - go me!)


holski said...

GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!!!!! yaaaaay for wired lady!

Jamie said...

You'll be fine tomorrow! Mike and I will be thinking about you....and can't wait to read all about it. If we weren't in Indy, we would have done some good "final week with the old jaw" partying with you.

nabukay said...

wow i can't believe your day for surgery has arrived. flying the mom over was a very good idea. good luck!

Aimee said...

I'm so excited for you!! I don't know if your appearance can improve much ~ you're already totally gorgeous, but you're going to have a great bite. :) Good luck and know that we are all thinking about you and wishing you the best. Can't wait to hear all about it. You're lucky to have your mom with you!!

Kristy Clucas said...

Just wanted to stop in and wish you good luck tomorrow with everything, cant wait to see the results!!!

bridget said...

Good luck tomorrow WL! Hang in there through the worst parts, let your mom take care of you, enjoy all the Ensure/Boost/Instant Breakfast to come!