Thursday, March 27, 2008

Time to Doll Up!

Brace yourselves. This morning...I...washed my hair. Yes, highly exciting, I know. Now, before you think I'm totally nasty - I did shower (er...take more of a little bird bath) on Tuesday. But today, oh today, in the life of Wired Lady, is a Watch Out-Couldn't Get More Exciting-Super Deluxe-VIP Special day.

That's right, today...I'm truckin' to the oral surgeon's office. This will make a major dent in my afternoon daytime viewing but, I'm willing to make the sacrifice, if it means the chance of removing some of these bands - and oh, I dunno..maybe opening my mouth! (breathing breathing)

Thought at the moment -- gosh, I'd strangely like a Taco Bell burrito (damn there are too many fast food commercials) and...I really hope I don't get nauseous in the car. Dr. Relle isn't exactly down the street. The last time I was in a car was on the way back from the hospital and, let's just say, that was not a pleasurable ride.

Thanks to everyone for the breathing/sleeping tips. Last night was better. Not great but not the worst. (And yes, Mom, I could still hear you through the wall!) Luckily, my plan to keep the TV on and pretend it was still day helped. I have no problem conching out at noon but, for some reason, once night hits, it scares the hell out of me. The bloody nose has stopped, which equals happiness.

Sorry, I know that was gross.


Anonymous said...

Hi there Wired Lady!
I've enjoyed your blog for a while now and I am glad to see that your surgery went well! I had my surgery in the fall (upper and lower) and now am 6 months post op. I was wired for 6 weeks. The first few weeks I had a hard time sleeping as I was adjusting to breathing- it was nearly impossible to breathe through my mouth because of the splint. And, I had never been able to really breathe through my nose before! I did a lot of sleeping in 4 hour chunks and the nights were the hardest, so I can totally relate. Do you have a humidifyer? I found that the moist air kept things feeling better, and kind of calmed me down a little. FYI, my recovery has been fantastic and I can honestly say that going through with the surgery was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

allison said...

I second the humidifier.

I found sleeping... stressful. I was always really uncomfortable when I woke up, and I woke up often. Other advice -- if the medicine you're prescribed for pain or whatever helps you sleep, take it right before bed. If sometime keeps you up (Sudafed for me), stay away. Also, don't fight it too much. You're body's still healing, so if you're not tired except from 4am - 1pm, let yourself sleep then for a little while. 4am can be kind of lonely, though...

Shanda said...

I had lower jaw surgery three weeks ago today! I was just telling someone today how excited I was to finally be able to wash my hair after 3 days. So I know how you feel, it's a big step!

I agree with anonymous, I purchased a humidifier and that helped me out tons. My lips were so chapped, cracked, swollen and although they were numb, they were sore. The humidifier helped! I also found Kiehl's lip balm #1 to be the miracle item.

Again, I'm shocked at how far I've come in three weeks. I think after about 4 days my recovery was on the downhill slope. Granted I still have some minor pain, but nothing a little Tylenol and Advil can't control. BUT, BEWARE. You will start to feel better than you are, so don't over do it! I've had to sit at home at nights for a week, feeling like I could be out and about, but really I can't. Rest, rest, rest is key!

HANG IN THERE! You'll be coasting before you know it. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

And isn't it freaky how many food commercials there are?! I've wanted a burrito for a few weeks now, and I never like burritos!

Tara said...

Oh those Taco Bell commercials are the worst! All I wanted when I had my surgery was there "Nachos Bel Grande". I actually did settle for a soft taco, just used the Ultimate Chopper and swollowed the little chucks (but that was at like 3 weeks post op).