Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The High-Class Tasting of...ENSURE

I have officially been informed that during my first week post-surgery all I will be able to eat are meals-in-a-can. Due to this, I decided it was time for my first tasting.

In the world of wine, we would pour a flight of Cabernet Franc or Beaujolais. In the world of Wired Lady, we pour a flight of....Ensure.

The line-up...Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate.


First - up...vanilla. My initial thought on this was, "Hey! I am a huge vanilla fan! A McDonalds' vanilla cone is practically gold to me. How could this be a bad way to start?"

Oh. How wrong I was. So, in the time-honored tradition of wanting to be Gary Vaynerchuk (WineLibrary TV - "Link it up! Mott!"), first, it was all about the wine glass and second, it was all about the 'sniffy sniff.'


If I were Gary, to describe the 'pour,' I would use flashy sensory descriptors like "juicy pears" and "buttery popcorn." Welp because I am Wired Lady, to describe my 'pour' I can only use the words -- "just...plain...G-R-O-S-S!" Oh, and maybe I'd add...'"completely revolting!" Literally, I am sitting here remembering the smell of that vanilla and I am gagging.

So, as you can imagine, it took a lot to even move on to trying the vanilla. But as I am 'strong like bull,' I pull it together and take a sip. Taste - not much like vanilla. Definitely blaming it on whatever the heck is causing that smell.

Next up - chocolate! This has got to be better!

And I was right -- hard to go wrong with chocolate. Now mind you, I didn't consume the whole thing (as I would have ingested three weeks of protein in 10 minutes). So, being that it was only a 'tasting'...my vote is...not too shabby. I'm not going to put my 'name' on the line and say it was Godiva in a bottle but considering Ensure it typically the elderly with osteoporosis problems, it's digestible.

Last, and to my much-excitement...strawberry! Anyone else find God in a strawberry shake and a basket of fries to cure the common hangover? Oh. Er. Maybe just me.

The result - good. Not bad. I added ice to max the potential.

So, the final verdict comes down to this...

Next up...Slim Fast. Hold onto your hats folks.


allison said...

Glad I'm not the only one to find vanilla Ensure absolutely repulsive. Chocolate is slightly better, but still no chocolate shake. I recommend Carnation Instant Breakfast. Still not delicious, but better, and almost the same nutritionally if you make it with whole milk.

lfar said...

This post was enjoyable, even if you didn't have an enjoyable time researching for it!