Saturday, March 15, 2008

See You Later, Margarita!

My mom would like me to stop talking like I'm dying. So, instead of saying last night was my "Last Mexican meal," instead I will say, last night was my "Last Mexican meal...for a while."

Oh no, not my meal - only the appetizer...BEFORE

Hell yeah...AFTER

Ernie's, my favorite Mexican spot in the valley, was good to me. During dinner, I even had an optimistic thought (so rare these days, you know) of hosting my "Braces Are Off" Party here. Woa...ok...too much optimism for one day...

Instead of saying, "Goodbye my beloved salty and sweet slice of heaven," it's more like, "See to you later, Marg!" I would say 'talk' to you later, but that might taken even longer. to Target to purchase a baby toothbrush and sippy cup. And no, I do not have a child.


holski said...

I just saw your countdown clock thing... LESS THAN A WEEK TO GO... I am pretty excited for you!!! Will you be blogging live from the hospital? =)

Wired Lady said...

Hmmmm...wireless internet at the hospital?...gotta say, not a question I have thought to ask the doctor but a good one....all i can say is, the content will definitely be aplenty!