Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hot Veins

So, because the first lady who took my blood screwed up, I had to return to the hospital yesterday morning for round two.

This time, I had a Bill Nye The Science Guy look-a-like named Jim. I learned from Jim that because Judy (who normally runs the blood shop) is on vacation, he was filling in. This explained so much. Why is it not surprising at all that Wired Lady totally got the second stringers?

While I was a bit of a skeptic, Jim got the job done. Praise Jesus! And...not only did I get a juice box...

juice box, orange juice

...but a pack of Oreos as well! The funny this was, Jim actually opened the pack of Oreos for me. Weird, right? When I saw him doing this, at first I thought, what the hell is he doing? Does he want one of my Oreos? He could probably just reach up and grab a pack of his own. But then I realized Jim thought giving blood caused the bubonic plague. You should have seen the look on Jim's face when I jumped out of the chair only seconds after he pulled the plug. "It's been real, Jim, but I gotta get to work and save my job."

I know what it's like to feel a little's called a bottle of Barefoot on a Tuesday night.

I have to say though, the highlight of the morning was Jim telling me, "You have really nice veins." You know something is off-kilter in your life when a man in a lab coat complementing your veins turns you on.


andrea said...

Haha, its not everyday that you get complimented on your veins.

Anonymous said...

you know, i feel like i'd want all professional-type people to look like bill nye. There's something strangely comforting about the way that guy looks.

Leah said...

I can't believe you said praise Jesus...hahaaaaa!