Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pea Face

I'm not ready to show you what's behind the peas.

I was greeted to lovely bruising this morning. Hooray! Just when I thought my face couldn't look any worse.

I love my Mom and am so happy she's here but tonight her air mattress is hittin' the living room. Sorry, Mom...your little flotation device is sailing a different sea.

I can't sleep at night. Never mind being afraid of suffocating to death - I also have the pleasure of hearing my mom LITERALLY sound like she's suffocating - a.k.a snoring! I can't handle it. I was awake every minute of last night. I actually had to knock on my own white board to get her to wake up and stop it. This pounding was my interpretation of screaming, "Mom!!!!"

I gotta say, the nights are the worst. I haven't chocked or anything but I'm petrified of it. Should I breathe through my nose? Or should I breathe through my mouth? These are the hard-hitting questions I face. And neither answer I trust.

Woa...time to black out.
Energy... only


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you! Been waiting for an update-any posting is good news. Hope you feel great soon-

Good way to wake up your mom.....throw one of those bags of frozen peas at her! jk


Christyn said...

Hi Steph! I hope you start to feel better! Miss you!

Christy Lou Who said...

I love the visual of you rapping on your white board to wake your mom up from snoring. Maybe things can only get better from here?

laura said...

Oh, snoring is terrible. I once slept in the same room as a guy who sounded like he was choking all night. I'd lie there listening, waiting for him to start breathing again. You know ... I bet she could have it fixed with a little lower jaw surgery ... =)

Hope you start feeling better and sleeping soon.

Kristy Clucas said...

aw arent you cute!!! cant wait to see the new bite pictures. I totally hear you about the suffocating, and not being able to sleep at night...and snoring that definitely doesnt help, hang in there!!! dont you wish the whiteboards came with an air horn, hehe!

Shontell said...

haha awww... You should throw something at her. :D Like a pillow. When the hubs starts to snore I kick em or hold his nose. It's fun!
Love the peas idea. I wish I had thought of it.

Greg said...

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Leah said...

i'm having my surgery in May! good luck recovering and keep updating!

Anonymous said...

Dear WL - Reading yor blog is the highlight of my mid-day break. Thanks for sharing your experience with candor and wit. Hang in there! -k. in sc

Rachel said...

Glad to see you're alive! I'm pretty nervous about the whole breathing issue since I can't breathe out of my nose to save my life. The snoring thing sucks,by dog and boyfriend can do it in unison! Hope you start feeling better.

Michelle said...

Good to see taht you're up and about, even if it is forshort periods of time.
2 more days and you'll already be 1week post op.
Hopefully tonight will be full of rest for you!
Take care!

katieck said...

if you can breathe thru your it. otherwise your mouth will dry out and all night you will have to drink water. if you can't breathe thru the nose..ask your OS if there is a way to help you breathe better..mine was saline spray. afrin and qtips.