Monday, March 3, 2008

Convinced Braces Have ESP

Last night was an incredibly random yet incredibly 'magical' evening. My friend Ken got us into "The World Famous Hollywood Magic Castle."
It's bizarre...I have lived here almost four years and had never heard of it -- this obviously shows you how 'in-the-know' or incredibly oblivious I am, being that I drive by it on my way to work. In order to get in you have to either be a member or know a magician. We somehow qualified in the latter.

While the building itself was kind of spooky and the entire time I was there I felt like I was in the movie "Clue," it was still pretty sweet. Ok. But...I know what you're the hell does this involve your braces? Oh. You have NO idea.

So, the first 'magic act' we saw involved this guy who reads minds/has psychic capabilities. He does a few exercises where he's thinking of a number between 1 to 50 -- it's odd and has two numbers...ya di da di da. Well...when I got the first number right I thought it was just a fluke. Then, when I got the second number right I thought it was kind of cool. But THEN when I got the third number spot on exactly RIGHT...I was seriously freaked out. I raised my hand and told him '74.' The Magical Magician says, "You got 74?"

WL: Yes.
Magical Magician: And you got all other numbers correct?
WL: Yes
Getting Creepy Magical Magician: Come down to the stage!
WL: (Ahhhhh crap) Ok.

The Now Highly Creepin' Me Out Magical Magician proceeds to tell the audience he had a few psychic thoughts about tonights show before he got to the Magical Castle and wrote them down on a piece of paper.

IMMEDIATELY I thought...OH. MY. GOD. This paper is totally going to say I have braces. I was completely freakin' out -- however, in the moment, I was also thinking...if this piece of paper says the girl who will guess the number correctly will have braces...WHAT A FREAKIN' AWESOME BLOG POST!!! Ok. Ok. Let me just tell you right now, it didn't happen BUT you can imagine what my face looked like while waiting to find out if 'Ugly Betty In the Present' is going to be called out.

So, he hands me the envelope and sure enough on the outside it reads....

Next, I open the letter and read it out to the audience. And it says.....
Ok, you probably can't read that but it says...."She will have brown hair, and she will be wearing a green dress and gold shoes."

(Ok. Not a great evidence shot but I promise, this is a dress and gold shoes were on the feet)

Ok...he didn't get the braces right but freakin' insane is that?
I swear...I'm sure I sound totally gullible..but in the moment the whole audience was freakin' out. Ok, I get that he may have seen me before the show and got the outfit right did I guess all those numbers correctly?

I swear...I think the braces must have psychic capabilities. If only I could predict the outcome of this dental adventure.

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Chris K said...

"Orthodontia, it's like a lightning rod for ESP!"