Sunday, March 2, 2008

Budweiser Moment

So, apparently I really have come to the point where my braces self-consciousness has gone out the window. Like, I now meet new people and forget that being a 20-something with braces is really...not normal. I know you're thinking I'm full of crap but last night I had a 'should be in a commercial' hilarious braces moment.

So, I'm in the elevator heading out for the night and looking, I gotta say, not too shabby (ha!) when two guys (with cases of beer in hand) get on. We're standing there awkwardly (as most elevator moments play out) when one of the dudes looks right at me and smiles. I then proceed to flash a 'you've got no chance and you're kind of creepy but I'll be nice and smile back because you're my neighbor' smiles, mastering (of course) the closed mouth smile -- something that comes naturally almost a year into braces. [Think I'm a little wordy today?]

Beer Guy: You smell really good.
WL: Thanks (also managing to rock the 'talking but not exposing braces talk')

But THEN....

Beer Guy: A lot better than the way this elevator usually smells.

[for some reason I thought this was completely hilarious at the time and I swear not a drop of alcohol was consumed prior]

WL: (Totally not thinking I throw out a HUGE, no, I mean GYNORMOUS, full teeth, mother of all freakin' smiles and add one of my classic yet highly annoying head-thrown-back laughs)

The poor guys were COMPLETELY caught off guard. It was hilarious. As soon as I saw the kid's reaction to the metal cage strapped to my face, I knew I screwed up.

"Wired LADY! What the hell are you doing!? You can't just surprise innocent bystanders like that!" -- the mental performance review/beat down in my head

I can only image each guys' internal dialogue. Would be such a great beer commercial.
Tag line least your beer is straight.

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