Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cabbage Patch Face

It's weird to think this time last week I was sitting in my hospital room waiting to find out whether or not surgery was going to actually happen. Now, a week later...I'm swallowing (not going to say 'eating') soft mashed potatoes, yogurt and soup. Considering both of my jaws were broke and rearranged, I gotta say,...props to the human body. It's definitely amazing. While I can't actually see the results of his work (thanks to my Cabbage Patch on crack-like appearance) it's still mind-boggling how the doctor actually did it. As the doc stated, "It's like building a ship in a bottle." Ugh...yah.

Last night while sitting in front of the television, I turn to my mom and ask, "Do I have stitches in the sides of my face?" My mom replies, "Oh. Yeahhhh. I didn't want to mention that." Fantastic! Remember when I said I really had no idea how the hell he was going to do this? The mystery keeps unfolding.

ps - I was about to post a picture of an actual Cabbage Patch doll was just too flattering of a picture.


Katherine said...

Woo-Hoo potatoes!!

Perhaps we should consider releasing our own line of childrens toys featuring various ethnicities in various stages of prep + healing from Orthognathic surgery.....Collect them all kids!!

From what I've read, If you'd waited another week before inquiring about stitches, they probably would be out before you even knew you had them!! Way too funny!

So good to hear things are coming along for you :)

laura said...

Wait ... the stitches are on the outside??