Sunday, March 30, 2008

If Only I Lived in Chicago.

I never knew what to do with a pashmina before.
Now I know.

Last night Steve and I took Mom to the airport. Mom's final, sobbing words, "If you can EVER talk...give me a call."

Thanks, Mom.


Aimee said...

Or the Middle East...

Is that bruising all down your chest?

Wired Lady said...

Yes, I guess a little (no idea why)...but I screwed up the picture in Photoshop, so it looks worse by accident.

laura said...

Aw she's gone. It must seem quiet. Especially at night (lol)

It is sad when family leaves though - you get so used to having them there.


stephanie said...

Yikes, about the bruising. Hopefully everything is healing up well!