Thursday, March 20, 2008

In Training to Puppeteer

Tonight the bf wanted to end our phone conversation early, so he could (how dare he) take a shower. My reply to this, "Um...hello? Don't you want to listen to me? You don't have too many days left of hearing my actual voice before I turn into a mime...and then...a ventriloquist?" In Steve's head I'm sure he's thinking, "Thank the freakin' Lord!"

There is much confusion as to when I will be able to speak normally again. And how good will I be at speaking with my mouth not moving? I'm not gonna lie, I've totally tried already -- in my bathroom, alone. But, will I be able to excel in the working world? I do answer phones in my job for a living. Is this going to be a problem? Huh. Probably something to think about. But, again, trying to reach for the positive...maybe after all this, I'll have a career at Sesame Street or bring the sock puppet Lamb Chop back?


Steve the BF said...

I will totally miss your voice! It's so much cuter than holding conversations with a wipe board!

Tara said...

I wanted to wish you all the luck on Saturday. You will do great! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Glad to hear I wasn't the only one who tried talking without moving there mouth before the surgery!!!

amycq said...

good luck on saturday! i think my surgeon was fluent in post-jaw surgery-ese he understood me great! ...everyone else well, i needed a note pad!

by the way that pic of you getting molds is hi-lar-i-ous!!! i would need a video to really capture the number the assistant did to my head while yanking, twisting and pulling to get it out! fun!

Shelley said...

Forget finally being able to ride in the back of the school bus, having a new jaw is the cool thing these days! ;) I also think next time Bookalicious meets you can just breathe really heavy over the line if you agree with something Jenni or I said. Words are overrated.

I will be thinking about you this weekend! Thoughts and prayers will be sent your way. xoxo!!

Christy Lou Who said...

"Um...hello? Don't you want to listen to me?" is totally something I would say to a guy I'm dating. But then I realized maybe it's different since you're having surgery and I just want everyone to listen to me talk.

Anonymous said...

you should definitely post pictures during your surgery recovery week...the more graphic, the better. :)

Shontell said...

awwww Lamb Chop..

Hello! I just wanted to wish you luck saturday!! If it wasn't for Holski's blog I would have never known. Man, why haven't I linked you yet?? Or kept up with your blog? I have no idea but I will now!! I suck, I know. ;)

Hey, everything will be a piece of cake. Your going to recover quick and talking open mouthed in no time! It's going to go so smoothly.

Looking forward to hearing about your recovery. Your going to do great!!!

Katherine said...

Call me a selfish prat, but I don't want you to stop talking about it......whatever shall I do without the daily escapades of our fave Wired lady?!

Hear ya 100% on this, sista and hope your 'dealer' totally nails it the first time with the happy pills.

Just think, you can give us the scoop on who's burger blenderizes best-served in a wine glass of course!

You're SO ready for this, and will be thinking of you lots on Saturday. ix-nay on the eard-bay :)