Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Girl In The Plastic Bubble

Move over Ebert & Ropert. How can anyone compete when you get reviews like this....

"Reading your blog makes me think I'm visiting a nursing home."

Lovely. Thank you to my sister for her never-ending moral support and encouragement. But...as much as I'd like to disagree with her, I find my life mirroring that of an 80-year-old more and more each day. If only you could see the vitamins I'm pumpin' in the morning. I had to start allocating more time between breakfast and make-up application for this new morning ritual.

But I have to! I am petrified of getting sick! A co-worker who sits waaaaay too close to me (and you know who you are!) came to work with the flu today!!!! And yes, the words "Get away from me and go home!!!" were spoken. I also told Sick Co-Worker to remember me before making the decision to return to work tomorrow. Ha. But really -- not kidding so much.

Can I please live in a bubble with John Travolta for the next week and a half!?

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